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Dani & Brendan

Modern Luxe Black and White Wedding: Dani & Brendan's Breathtaking Coombe Estate Wedding in the Yarra Valley

Modern black and white wedding flowers at Coombe Estate in the Yarra Valley

Delve into the unforgettable wedding of Dani and Brendan at the magnificent Coombe Estate, nestled in the breathtaking Yarra Valley. This extraordinary celebration, showcases a fusion of modern elegance and abundant blooms with clouds of delicate babies breath and white roses juxtaposed against jet black foliages and textures.

Dani and her bridesmaids all wore white and carried long stemmed white rose bouquets for the ceremony in the Italian Garden at Coombe.

The reception tables were meticulously styled to reflect the modern luxe aesthetic of the wedding. White flowers and black foliages and textures, carefully selected to harmonise with the colour palette, adorned the tables in exquisite ceramics and elegant glass vessels.

The abundance of flowers, with clouds of babies breath, white hydrangea and white roses juxtaposed against jet black foliages and textures, created an enchanting atmosphere. From the ceremony in the Italian garden to the statement floral installation framing the champagne tower and piano, every element was meticulously designed to reflect elegance and refinement.

Couple's Photography: Fern & Stone

Stylist's Photography: Anitra Wells

Stylist and Planner : The Small Things Co


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