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Pei Jean and John

Stones Spring Wedding Flower Installations by Sassafras Wedding

Stones spring wedding flowers ceremony installation

The Chapel ceremony design embraced asymmetry, with blooms and foliage cascading in seemingly random yet artfully placed arrangements. This approach mirrored the natural, unstructured beauty of a wild garden, enhancing the sense of organic growth and movement. The nest design allowed the couple to be enveloped in the beauty of the season, creating an intimate space that felt both personal and expansive.

Following the breathtaking garden-scape ceremony, Pei Jean and John’s wedding reception continued to showcase their love for natural beauty and innovative floral design. The thoughtfully curated tablescapes and the dramatic crescent-shaped hanging installation were the centrepiece of the reception, bringing together elements of texture, movement, and vibrant spring florals to create an atmosphere that was both intimate and captivating.

The crescent shape was chosen for its symbolic meaning and aesthetic appeal. Representing growth and new beginnings, the crescent form also added a dynamic, flowing element to the decor.

Pei Jean and John’s wedding reception was a masterclass in creating an intimate, nature-inspired celebration. From the detailed and thoughtfully curated tablescapes to the breathtaking crescent-shaped hanging installation, every element was designed to capture the essence of spring and the couple’s unique vision.


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