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Adriana & James

Modern Luxe : Adriana and James' Elegant Autumn wedding flowers Yarra Valley

Modern and custom ceremony floral at Stones of the Yarra Valley Chapel

Our mission was to create floral arrangements that would not only complement the natural beauty of the Yarra Valley but also reflect Adriana's unique design sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from the rich colours of the season, we curated a harmonious symphony of blooms that showcased a modern fashion-forward twist.

Autumn wedding flowers Yarra Valley . A single long stemmed white rose was all she needed to hold, and Adriana's bridesmaids each held an understated gathering of blooms, each one different to the other and complementing their mismatched dresses.

Adriana, a lead designer for Khya Studios, envisioned an elevated and luxurious celebration that seamlessly blended modern fashion-forward elements with the timeless beauty of autumn florals.

The reception area became an oasis of modern luxury, with meticulously designed tablescapes that harmonised seamlessly with the modern luxe and naturally generous autumn wedding theme.

Photographer: Bianca Virtue

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