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Hannah & Ryan

A Vibrant Celebration of Love: Hannah & Ryan's Colourful Zonzo Estate Wedding in the Heart of the Yarra Valley

A vibrant floral garland hanging over the bridal table at Zonzo Estate

Hannah and Ryan's Zonzo Estate wedding in the Yarra Valley was a vibrant celebration that brought a fun pop of colour with a quirky 90's vibe to life. The wedding exuded energy with neon pinks, bright oranges, and fresh lime summery florals that added a burst of vibrancy to the atmosphere.

The ceremony featured a unique blend of classic white urns from our hire collection and modern freestanding pillars. This combination perfectly captured the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements that defined Hannah and Ryan's wedding style. The freestanding pillar, adorned with colorful blooms, was later repositioned in front of the DJ decks at the reception, creating a dynamic focal point that added to the lively ambiance of the celebration.

For the head table, we crafted a hanging floral garland by hand, meticulously threading colourful blooms together and stringing them overhead on a custom metal frame we welded. This vibrant garland served as a stunning backdrop, infusing the space with an explosion of colour. The centrepieces were equally captivating, with colour blocked blooms spilling over vintage glassware and carefully curated ceramics. The combination of vivid hues and unique vessels created a playful and eclectic vibe.

Couples Photographer: Ashleigh Haase

Styling Photographer: Louise Treacy Photography

Stylist and Planner: The Small Things Co

Published: The Wed


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