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Hannah & Fraser

A Timeless Spring Affair: Hannah & Fraser's Flower-Filled Wedding at Coombe Estate, Yarra Valley

Spring wedding ceremony at Coombe Estate with white and blue flowers

Hannah and Fraser's wedding at Coombe Estate in the Yarra Valley was a celebration of timeless elegance and enchanting blooms. The rain that graced their day only added to the enchantment, as the ceremony was beautifully transformed indoors, framed by a statement floral installation and elegant white draping.

The classic spring English garden theme, with its masses of delicate blooms like snowball hydrangeas, garden roses, delphiniums, chamomile, and foxgloves, created a dreamlike ambiance that transported guests to a world of natural beauty.

The reception space at Coombe Estate became a haven of natural beauty and refined elegance. The long shared tables were meticulously styled with an array of fresh flowers in soft spring greens, whites, powder blue, and pops of yellow. The careful selection of blooms evoked the feeling of strolling through a blooming English garden. The soft hues and pops of powder blue added a touch of whimsy, while evoking the joy and optimism of springtime.

Styling Photographer: Anitra Wells Photo

Styling & Planning: The Small Things Co


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