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Hazel & Kevin

A Captivating Autumnal Affair: Hazel and Kevin's Moody Wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley

My vision was to create an atmosphere of moody elegance, where the natural beauty of autumn would take centre stage. The colour palette was carefully curated to feature vermillion and ruby velvet red, evoking a sense of depth and intensity. To complement these rich tones, we incorporated masses of autumn foliage, including fiery red leaves, rustic branches, and velvety black textures. This combination brought an enchanting and mysterious aura to the entire event, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

The ceremony was set with our custom double arbour adorned with our signature abundant florals in offer and rose gold tones with dark textural foliages and masses of candles. The chapel table was moved to the side and we placed a signature floral pillar on the edge in a puddle of rose petals.

One of the highlights of Hazel and Kevin's wedding was the awe-inspiring hanging installation that adorned the reception area. This extraordinary creation transformed the space, creating a captivating canopy that enchanted guests as they dined beneath it. The installation featured cascading roses, orchids, hydrangea and delphinium, intertwined massed texture and abundant autumn foliage. Its grandeur and scale were truly breathtaking, making it a focal point that added a touch of drama and opulence to the entire reception

The tablescapes, adorned with cut passionfruits, pears, candles, and an abundance of flowers, added a sensory dimension to the experience, captivating guests and creating cherished memories.

As always, we stay to reposition the ceremony installations form the Chapel to the Barn. The double arbour was re set with a neon sign - perfect for a sweet photo spot at the reception.

Photographer: Ash Haase

Hire and Styling: Cloth and Confetti


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