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Nick & Amelia

A Summer Soirée: Amelia & Nick's Modern Wedding at Harriett, St Hubert Estate, Yarra Valley

A bride and groom stand outdoors at the Harriett Hubert Estate in Yarra Valley, smiling as flower petals are thrown around them. The bride wears a strapless white gown and holds a bouquet, while the groom is in a black tuxedo. Behind them, colorful floral arrangements add to the enchanting wedding scene.

Amelia and Nick's ceremony took place in the idyllic amphitheatre at St Hubert Estate, offering a serene and picturesque backdrop for their vows. The art gallery provided a charming setting and our excitement to create florals for our first wedding at St Hubert Estate was palpable.

We meticulously decorated our black ceremony frames with modern blooms in rich coffee and rust tones. These striking colours were artfully balanced with open creamy blooms, adding a touch of softness and warmth.

The long shared tables in side the Harriett reception space were arranged with massed blooms in creams, coffee and burgundy tones, showcasing an abundance of flowers in our hire ceramic vase collection. We repositioned the ceremony frames to behind the bridal table as a backdrop so it could continue to be enjoyed.

Floral arrangements with a mix of red, pink, and white flowers and green foliage are displayed on black metal stands outdoors on a grassy field. The backdrop features a clear blue sky with distant trees on the horizon.

Photographer: Nick Skinner


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