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Laura & Andre

Modern Colourful Melbourne Wedding Florals: Laura & Andre's Stunning Floral Arrangements

Photographer: La Moment Photography

Styling: Bow Creative

colourful modern table florals at Higher Ground wedding reception

Laura and Andre’s wedding was a masterclass in blending classic elegance with modern vibrancy. From the timeless greens and whites of their ceremony at the historic Portico Melbourne Town Hall to the bold, colourful reception that followed, their floral arrangements and styling were a testament to thoughtful design and creative vision.

Laura and Andre chose a classic palette of greens and whites for their ceremony, reflecting a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication. This choice beautifully complemented the Portico's stately ambiance and historic charm. The florals were designed to enhance the venue's architecture while creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

After the ceremony, guests transitioned to a reception at Higher Ground that was nothing short of a vibrant, modern celebration. The couple's love for bold colours and contemporary design was brought to life in the reception's floral arrangements, creating an atmosphere that was both lively and stylish.

For the reception, Laura and Andre embraced a colorful and modern aesthetic, contrasting the classic whites and greens of their ceremony. The florals were designed in an ombre style, transitioning through a spectrum of vibrant hues. This innovative approach added a dynamic and playful element to the celebration, perfectly reflecting the couple's personalities.

For couples looking to balance tradition with contemporary flair, Laura and Andre’s modern colourful melbourne wedding florals serves as an inspiring example. Their choice to embrace both classic and contemporary floral designs shows that with creativity and thoughtful planning, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds on your special day.

On the Day Styling and Coordination @_bowcreative

Photographer @lamomentphotography

Signage/OTD Stationery @stateofreveriestudio


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