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Zoe & Alex

A Natural Autumn Affair: Zoe & Alex's Understated Wedding at The Farm, Yarra Valley

Wedding flowers at The Farm Yarra Valley by Sassafras Flower Design

Zoe and Alex's wedding at The Farm in the Yarra Valley was a natural and understated celebration that embraced the beauty of autumn. The earthy tones of the florals and foliages created a warm and inviting atmosphere, reflecting the couple's love for nature's simplicity.

The ceremony, set in front of the Barn at The Farm, was graced by a generous floral arbour that framed Zoe and Alex.

The understated elegance and organic beauty of the autumn-inspired florals beautifully harmonised with the rustic charm of the surroundings, creating an intimate and heartfelt experience for all who attended.

Photographer: Ali Bailey

Venue: The Farm


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